Nice Sale

I wrote yesterday about being contacted by someone who was interested in buying some of my surplus fleece fabric. This morning I sent her an email with my yardage quantities for the fabrics she inquired about, and voila – she placed an order for eight yards of my fabric! I’m very happy because the fabric she emailed me about is fabric that would only interest a small select group of people, so anytime I can unload some is a bonus. This is the second sale of that fabric in the past few months.

I also had a thought this afternoon about something I can make. Yes, even as I think about quitting the crafting biz, I suddenly get other ideas. Arg. Anyway, if I get the chance tomorrow night I might make a mockup of the item I’m thinking about and see if it would interest anyone. It’s baby-related and would allow me to use some of my fleece that ISN’T baby-related. We’ll see.

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