Nice Quiet Day

After the hectic past two weeks at work getting ready for a conference, it’s been a blissfully quiet day so far today – only 2 hrs 10 minutes left and I can go home and have a nice quiet evening at home with my husband and child. First one in a while for that – Denis has been on the go lately with his real estate job. It’s rare for us to have a quiet night to ourselves now.

In other news, the coffee machine is still wonderful. Had my hot cocoa a little bit ago. Yes, I know it’s summer – but hot cocoa is good all year long.

In still yet other news, I’m quiet pleased with the results of last night’s episode of “Last Comic Standing”. They narrowed the first 10 comics down to 5 that will go live in the house. Tonight is the second half where they weed out the other five that go to the house. I was thrilled that Kathleen Madigan got into the house – I’ve been a fan of hers for so many years I don’t even know. I was also happy they let through Ant and Gary Gulman, two comics I look forward to seeing more material from. I know from the tv gossip that the judges were not happy with the final 10, so I’m curious who gets in from tonight’s episode – they must really suck. Because I felt the five that got in last night really deserved it.

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