New Year, New Start

Today I went out and bought a 20″ tv for our bedroom to replace the 27″ tv we currently have in there. The 27″ tv will be donated to my church to be used for the women’s fitness group I’m starting. The first night is tomorrow, and we had no tv to run the videos/dvds we’ll be using to exercise with – so Denis gave me permission to buy a new tv. The new tv is a Sony WEGA 20″ that I got on sale for $208 (including tax).

I made the announcement about the fitness group (called Synergy) today at the service and several women came to my afterwards and said they’d see me there. I’ll be pleased if 8 women show up – that would be phenomenal! The workouts will be Monday nights and Saturday mornings, and if there is interest I’ll possibly start up a super-early morning workout during the week as well. Since most women either don’t work or work in NJ I doubt there will be much interest in a 5:30 a.m. workout. We’ll see.

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