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In my Google Reader I had a backlog of about four months worth of WordPress plugin announcements that I had yet to sift through. Last night I spent some time going through them and picked out a few new things to add here.

Most noticably, a very cool Drop Cap plugin that adds a drop cap to the beginning of each post. Very cool. It can also be customized with CSS to appear any way I wish (I’ve opted for the default appearance).

Over on the far right sidebar there is a section called “Speak Up” and it’s almost like a little graffiti area where visitors can type in whatever they want. The Plugin is called “WP Wall” and IS protected by Akismet so no spam will appear there – but if it DOES make it through I can moderate and delete the comment quite easily. So feel free to drop me a line over there if you wish!

I also added an Amazon plugin that automatically puts my Amazon Associates referral ID on any Amazon links I provide here. That’s kind of cool since up to now I’ve had to log into Amazon Associates, build the link widget and then my own personal adjustments to make it work on my site. Now I can just use a regular link and this plugin will automatically add in my referral ID info.

Fourth, I added a cool plugin that will be perfect for spoiler posts. It allows me to have expandable text within the post itself. See this:

Here is your text all hidden away so you don’t have to read it if you don’t want to! Cool, right?

Lastly, I found an AWESOME archives plugin, but I’m having issues with it and am not sure I’ll be able to keep it. It works brilliantly on the plugin creator’s site (he being the same person that designed this theme that I’m using), but on my site it is VERY slow. All I can think is that my archives are significantly bigger (since I’ve been around since 2002) and therefore it’s harder to generate the full archives. So it’s disabled for now until I can figure out why it crashes my browser whenever I try to load it.

Want to see all the plugins I use on Cootiehog? Here’s the full list of active AND inactive plugins.

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