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Let me start by saying I LOVED my jeans theme. I think that the Jeans theme and the Aspire theme are my two favorite themes of ALL TIME since I started blogging in 2002. They are perfect.

However, I’ve been fiddling behind the scenes with this theme which I downloaded a couple months ago, which is called “Amazing Grace,” and decided it was time to unleash it on the public. My tweaks are strictly personal things – not anything that the reader would view as important. But I wanted to get those done before I turned on this theme.

For the geezers who read it old school (read: not in RSS like every good person should), you’ll note that it is no longer a dark theme, but a nice pastoral theme that should be easy on your aging eyes. Happy now?

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  1. I can see again. Much better. Let me just say that the denim theme was one of my least favorite of themes that anyone has ever put on their blog ever! So glad it’s gone.

    As for old school, I do subscribe to the RSS feed, but I can’t leave comments via RSS so I have to come to the blog to do that. Now I can see what I’m writing. So much easier. Thanks.

  2. I agree, the denim was my least favorite. This one is much better and so much easier to read. Thank you for taking pity on these aging eyes. 🙂

  3. I too detested the denim theme …
    The consolation is that I love this new, cleaner, softer, simpler look!

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