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Okay, I went through all my Cootiehog stuff and cleared out some old themes, old plugins and just general “junk” that might have been bogging down the site. I also found a new kickass theme from the same designer that did my last theme. I cleared my cache and reloaded this website and it was definitely faster than the old theme, so hopefully this will be an end to slow loading times. If you notice a change in speed, let me know. If you find you are experiencing no change, let me know.

This theme rocks for many reasons (I love themes done by InfoCreek) – most of which, this theme does something that I have wanted in WP for a VERY LONG TIME. You now have drag and drop capability from my webpage to move around the items on the sidebar. It’s so much easier to do it directly on the page when I see a problem than have to go into my admin page and mess around there. ALSO, if you click on the little buttons at the top right of each widget, you will see they are collapsible. That’s AWESOME.

While we’re talking about editable widgets, I’m hoping the next tweak in WordPress will be the capability to go in and EDIT the widget from the front page, similar to how admins currently have the ability to click on “edit” on a post and fix any mistakes they see right then and there without having to click into the admin page. If WP 2.6 has that capability built in, well, I might divorce Denis and marry Matt (the creator of WordPress).

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  1. Very nice! I need to go and clean out my themes, too. I unloaded all my outdated and unused plugins when I upgraded to 2.5, but as far as my themes go I need to take the same approach with them that I do with my clothes. If I haven’t worn it in a year…toss it! 🙂

  2. Okay, that should be fixed now. And I’ll go in and manually delete all that text. I upgraded my “Commentluiv” plugin and obviously they’ve messed up the code somehow.

  3. Dad – I was thinking about making the greyish main text a true white for more contrast. I’ll do that now – let me know if that makes it better.

  4. I’ll just have to be content to read you from Bloglines even though that will mean not commenting. My eyes can’t handle the dark background 🙁

  5. Cathi – I’m still trying to fix the muted color of the main text. I agree it’s a bit GREY. However, the CSS is giving me problems and I just kind find the right code that is for the entries. But do check back and see if it gets better!

  6. I can’t see any difference. I brought it up in two windows, forced a refresh on one, and switched back and forth, and I can’t see a change. I’ll just have to tell you that I stay away from any blog with light text on dark background, including my own kids’!

  7. Aw, that’s a shame. And you deleted your cache, too, before coming back? Because all the text is really bright now. BIG contrast…

  8. The challenge is that light on dark is very hard to read. Eyes are better suited to dark on light, like a printed page. That’s why most of the GUI word processors changed as quickly as they could to white backgrounds. Not only to look like the page (WYSIWYG), but because of complaints on eyestrain.

    On another note, today here posting your main post is grey on grey, totally unreadable. Yesterday it was ok, but something has changed.

  9. Dad – that’s because I’m messing with the background color and trying to figure out a color that will work. Sadly, I can’t find anything. I really want to use this theme though. 🙁

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