New Music On The Way

So I had some outstanding freebies at BMG Music club so I went ahead and ordered some more cds. In the mail are the following:

Keane – Hopes & Fears
Gwen Stefani – Love. Angel. Music. Baby
Anna Nalick – Wreck Of The Day
The Killers – Hot Fuss
The Chemical Brothers – Push The Button
Aqualung – Strange And Beautiful
Evanescence – Fallen

Total cost with shipping? About $5 per cd. :cheer:

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  1. No – I thought about asking you, but since you hadn’t mentioned anything lately I went ahead with these. I know you’ll like Keane, The Killers and Aqualung. I’ll probably have a credit for another free one in a couple months.

  2. I believe the regular promotion they are doing is buy one for regular price and get three at $1.99 each. Let me know what else you want and I’ll see if they have it available!

  3. Unrelated – I checked out TAR4 on GSN last night – the final hour of that season is tonight. They only played one hour of the finale last night. So TAR5 starts tomorrow.

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