New Mic

So this morning I was the guinea pig for the new headset microphones that the band and drama teams will be using at church. At various times I was either Sydney Bristow or Madonna, depending on what was happening. That thing was sensitive, even to my breathing. I knew I had great sound but was paranoid because I couldn’t back off without it being noticeable like I could with the old microphone that I had.

It was Obi’s last Sunday with us – he’s off to join his band and participate in the Warped Tour this summer. He may think I didn’t notice, but he had his classic checkerboard Vans on this morning.

The band did well overall – Obi was on drums and despite his reservations about it at Tuesday night’s rehearsal he did a fantastic job. In fact the only screw-up of the morning came from me – I mistimed the cue to come back in on the chorus of one song and it threw everyone off. Woops. But it was still a much better performance than last week, which was just miserable.

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