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We love a good bargain at our house. If we can get something at a good price, we leap on it. This year Denis and I discussed Christmas gift options. We both wanted a Blu-Ray DVD player but knowing that they were super expensive ($350+ for good ones), I think we had sort of decided (but not made any final decision) that this Christmas we’d get a Blu-Ray player but would NOT get anything else for each other for Christmas.

Well, so much for that. Why? Because a good Blu-Ray machine was on sale at Costco for a great price and we figured we’d take advantage of it now. It’s the one pictured, which is a Phillips BDP7200. The CNET review was iffy on it (rating it only 6.4 (good)), but I found reviews by average users saying that they were confused by CNET’s review because they didn’t have any of the issues that CNET described in the review. The general concensus from the various user reviews I read online was that CNET must have gotten a wonky unit to review.

So we now are the proud owners of a Blu-Ray DVD player for the delightfully “cheap” price of only $250 (originally $350). A hefty price tag for one item, sure, but worth it considering how much we (and by “we” I really mean “I”) movies. I can’t wait to see the difference in picture quality, although I can’t imagine how much better it’ll be because our DVD player does a decent job on our big screen tv. But I’m excited at the possibility!!

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  1. You guys really did get a good deal on the Blu Ray DVD. I am planning to buy a LCD TV and Blu Ray DVD player for Christmas. I am always excited when I make an electronics’ purchase. I would be great if you make post about how good the quality was on your TV. Can you record movies off the TV?

  2. The quality on our TV was fabulous. We watched the first episode of “Pushing Daisies” which Denis bought last week on Blu-Ray. It was outstanding – you could see the pores on Lee Pace’s adorable face the picture was so clear.

    We then put on a regular DVD (Gladiator) and watched the opening war battle and part of the coliseum battle – both looked great. We’re quite pleased thus far.

    The Blu-Ray player does NOT record – it is just a player.

  3. As mentioned in Private E-mail, we love our Blu-Ray Player. Make sure you skip on over to Netflix and update your account so that all the DVD’s that are available in Blu-Ray get converted.

    I only own a few (3) movies on Blu-Ray and the best one is “Enchanted”.. it looks spectacular. I am waiting for Transformers to come out this month on Blu-Ray

  4. Thanks for the heads up on Netflix – update has been done and about 40 movies got converted to Blu-Ray on my list. WOO HOO!!!

    We own two blu-rays – Blade Runner and Pushing Daisies (season one).

  5. We own Rattatouiee (I know I botched that spelling up) on Blu-Ray and I really didn’t care for the movie. It was a gift from one of Anthony’s Relatives… Anyway, if you want it, and think the kids would like to have it on Blu-Ray, I will be very happy to ship it out tomorrow.

    Let me know.
    Side Note: I already own in on Reg. DVD so its not like I don’t have two copies (so no guilt)

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