New Glasses

So at my race on Saturday I put my glasses in my pocket with my walkman and at the end of the race had pretty much scratched up the entire left lens of my glasses. Oh well.

Good news though – I’m due for an eye exam anyway, so I made an appointment for tonight at 6:45 p.m. to get new glasses, which are almost entirely free under my healthplan. I only have to pay $30 ($10 for the exam, $20 for the glasses). Of course, if I can’t find a pair I like in the “approved” section for my healthplan, then I’ll have to fork out a bit more dough.

Other good news about my eye doctor plan? LASIK is partially covered, so I get a MAJOR discount if I do that surgery (which I’ve definitely thought about doing in the near future).

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  1. Bring your checkbook. Plan-approved glasses almost always fall under the styles that geezers, little old ladies and extreme penny-pinchers end up with.

    We’re talking translucent, plastic, marbleized frames here. Run away!

  2. Denis must be a great guy, ’cause if this happened to me, hubby would immediatley suspect I’d grown tired of my glasses and had done this on purpose!!! I’m kidding of course, hubby is a bit thick and I could pull a stunt like that in a second, he would never know it! Just kidding a gain! But I agree with Phern, plan approved glasses come in three standard frames, Ugly, Uglier, and so damn big you can use them as a satellite dish!!!

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