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So a couple days ago Denis let me splurge and buy the latest Fiesta place setting in the new color: Scarlet. Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s a really nice vibrant red. The original red color made back in the 1940s was more orangey and I’m really happy that they decided to go with a more true red color for the new version.

In two weeks I’m hosting a table for a women’s ministry event that my church is doing and I was thinking about using my multi-colored Fiestaware to build the table, which needs to have an elegant fall/harvest theme. Today I went down to the basement to bring up some boxes of my new Fiesta (I have most of it packed away just because I have so much of it and my kitchen isn’t big enough to house 21 place settings and all the extras). Yes, I said 21 place settings. Since 1986 they have released 21 colors, and I have one place setting for each and every one of them. Actually, I have two place settings of the Shamrock, but that was by accident.

In the end I gave up bringing up all the boxes from the basement. If I had the time to go through all of my boxes of Fiestaware I’d have no problem coming up with 10 colors that would look good for a Fall-themed table, but my china is scattered in SO many boxes down in the basement that it would take me a week to go through it all and not only pick out what I want to use but then repack all the things I decide NOT to use.

So I’ll be using our Mikasa china for the women’s event, even though it’s more of a Spring pattern in a rose color (the tablecloths being used are burgundy). I’ve already put in an email to my mother to find out ideas on how to incorporate a rose color into a Fall event where gold, burgundy and other “autumn” colors are being used almost exclusively.

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  1. phern, Jaynee is definitely a Fiestaware expert. It’s a little scary and impressive all at once. She’s not exaggerating her collection.

    Is there gold in your china pattern at all? What’s the name of it and I’ll take a look at the Mikasa website (assuming they have one and that you can see the patterns).

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