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And here I thought I’d find nothing good on television this summer. My new favorite? Gordon Ramsay’s Nightmare Kitchens, a reality show in which famous chef Ramsay goes visits a failing restaurant and tries to turn things around.

You may be familiar with his new American show, “Hell’s Kitchen”, which is a copy of a show with the same name that he did in England. He’s depicted as being rude, belligerent, insulting and offensive.

Boy is he! If he spent 30 minutes with my mother she’d run out of soap for all the washing out of his mouth she’d do. He curses like nobody’s business.

But he knows cooking, he knows how a restaurant kitchen should run, and despite his coarse manner he commands respect and is a great teacher. He’s the brusque teacher that makes you feel ten feet tall when he finally compliments you because you know he means it.

It has been Season Passed on Tivo.

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  1. Update: I set up the BBCA and new show to record on the DVR. So far I have about a dozen of Nightmare Kitchens and I watched two eps last night. I love that show and I really like Ramsey. I would have loved to have him as a chef instructor – he’s great!

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