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I could never get that other theme to work that I uploaded this past weekend, but I found this one and I like it a lot. I was seeking crisp and clean and this one fits the bill well enough. It’s red, which is a rare color around here. I tend to gravitate towards blues for some reason (the bulk of the themes I use are blue, with an occasional yellow thrown in for variety). For that reason I specifically opted for the red version of this theme to use.

Pluses for this theme and other updates I’ve made:

  • Gravatars for commenters. Don’t have a gravatar yet? Get one! It’s free and since a LOT of blogs use them now, it’s nice to have one.
  • Recent comments now link to author URLs. Have a website that you linked to in your comment? Now, on the left sidebar, you’ll see that your name links directly to your blog. Before it linked to the post on which you commented, but I’ve changed it. Now the comment author links to their blog (if they have one) and the title of the post appears separately.
  • Same content, less cluttered. This theme is great because it allows me to have the EXACT SAME AMOUNT of sidebar content, but it seems infinitely less cluttered, doesn’t it?
  • However, after Thanksgiving I plan on spending 3-4 weeks using a Christmas theme that I’ve already selected. Then I’ll come back to this one until the spring.

    I love WordPress. I love that my love for change is so easily captured in the switch of a blog theme.

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