New Church Location

So last night Denis and I took the kids over to the new location for our church. Starting in three weeks instead of being in a movie theater every week we’re going to be moving to a Boys and Girls club in the local area. It’ll be a longer drive there, but we have a lot more flexibility and space. The room where we’ll have the services is heee-yuge (we’ll be able to seat 2,000 people in one space) and has a stage for the band and pastor to speak from. That’ll be weird – to be UP HIGH on stage as opposed to DOWN LOW in a pit.

The room we’re using is used for nightly bingo and is the smoking room of the two rooms used for bingo. So by the end of our services we’ll all smell like we’ve been in a bar for a few hours. Actually, the folks who came for the test run also brought different air fresheners to test out – one batch was particularly potent so I don’t think we’ll have to worry about a smoke smell so much as a flowery smoke smell. :sarcastic:

Last night we took the time to do a practice run to figure out how we’ll set up the band and the sound. We ran through a couple songs to test the acoustics and such. Fortunately we get to have access to the room a full 30 minutes before we ever had access at the movie theater, so the band will actually have a full 40 minutes to run through songs on Sunday morning. That extra time will come in handy because Obie tends to run through the first song about five times, leaving us with no time to do the other four songs scheduled for the service.

All in all, I’m excited about the space and I can’t wait to see just how things come together in a few weeks when we have our first service there.

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