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Rather than having this blog become entirely about our plan to build a house in 2007, I’ve opted to create a secondary blog just for that topic. I’m going to see about exporting some of the posts I’ve made here over there but from now on, if you are interested in our plans for moving to SC and homebuilding you’ll need to go here instead.

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New Blog

I’ve made the announcement over at Cootiepie, but thought I’d make it here as well – we’ve condensed all of the photos of CootieGirl (over 600) that we had on Cootiepie and made a photoblog instead – now featuring the best 150 or so pictures of the batch. That’s where all the CootieGirl pictures will now reside henceforth!


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  1. I don’t remember seeing “Surprise” before. It’s really hard to pick a new fav but having a copy of that one would make me very happy. 😉 Pretty please.

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