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For the past few weeks I’ve been contemplating a new venture for myself. When we first moved to SC I thought about starting this project, but put it on the backburner once we got settled here and the kids were getting older. Life got busy and I knew I didn’t have the time necessary to get it going.

But now I think the time has come for me to dust off the idea and see if it’ll work. I surfed the internet today to see if there were any websites out there that were already providing the service I hoped to provide, and only one came to my attention. It’s an okay website, but not quite what I plan on doing – that site is more static and looks like it rarely changes, whereas mine would be interactive, changing moment to moment, and provide much more information.

There was a website I read in New Jersey that is my inspiration and model – in fact, I emailed the site owner to get her advice on how to get started, with an eye on eventually earning revenue as the site becomes more popular.

I registered the domain today, and will be working on the website for a good couple of months so that there is a lot of content already there by the time I’m ready to go public.

I’m nervous and excited all at the same time. This is a long-term project that, with any luck, will turn out to be a big hit. I see a need for this website, and hopefully the people it’s meant for will see it as a need as well!

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