Never Thought It Would Happen

So this weekend I saw “Moulin Rouge” another billion times on cable. Not voluntarily, mind you. Well, not at first. Those who know me know I hated that movie (and justifiably so). It was just dreadful. Well, upon watching it again this weekend, I’ve determined that I don’t hate all of the movie. Just the first 45 minutes. Once Baz Luhrmann got over himself and actually started telling the story, it was quite good. Once Baz Luhrmann got over himself and stopped with the stunt photography, it was quite good.

So if anyone feels like getting this movie for me, just keep the first 45 minutes. Pick up right where Satine starts singing “One Day I’ll Fly Away” as she gazes at Christian and I’ll be good to go. Come what may.

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  1. You’re right the first 45 minutes suck, but so to the rest of the minutes that make up the film. You just like the music. Just buy her the soundtrack and we’ll both be happy. Forget the DVD, please!

  2. I totally agree with Denis. You don’t really like that movie – it’s awful. But the soundtrack is great, that’s why you think you like the movie.

  3. Every time your sister agrees with me, I like her more and more. I’m quickly realizing that she and I are always right. Except when she had that little incident giving directions in the car down in VA that one time. We won’t speak of that.

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