I’m excited about the movies being sent to our house this week. Denis has his own queue now, and it’s working in our favor because this week we have Napolean Dynamite and Garden State being sent to our house even though they were listed as “long wait” movies. I know Denis will be thrilled to have two independent movies in the house at the same time. Our third movie is the documentary about the making of “Alien”, called “The Alien Saga”. I’m looking forward to that one since the “Alien” and “Aliens” are two of my favorite sci-fi movies of all time.

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  1. I just purchased Alien Vs. Predator on Monday. I watched it Monday night and thought it was much better that I thought it was going to be. However, since it had the Alien and Predator Characters in it, I had to buy it.

    I will bring it over this evening so you can borrow it.


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I joined Netflix last night for their 10-day free trial. Now, I realize a 10-day free trial is a bit of a joke because the shipping alone will take 4-5 days, and chances of me actually watching all three movies in the remaining 5-6 days are slim.

However, I’ve now put 51 52 movies in the rental queue (I just added “Tadpole” for Denis). Is that a lot? I honestly don’t know, so if you belong to Netflix, tell me if I went a bit nuts.

The first movie, MIB II, should arrive on Monday, and the other two (Death to Smoochy and Murder by Numbers) are “released to ship” which means I probably won’t get them until Tuesday or Wednesday.

The reason for joining is easy: I hate driving to Blockbuster and fighting with people to look at the latest DVD releases. And once I have The Kid in April I’ll be in no mood to pack up the little one just to go fight with people to look at the latest DVD releases. Thus the appeal of Netflix: Send the movies I want to my house and I’ll watch them and pop them back in the mail to you. I’ll watch them as my precious babe sleeps the day away (newborns sleep a LOT), and I’ll get to see all the crappy movies I never wanted to rent but am willing to do so now that I’m home on maternity leave.

The cheesiest movie on my list: Blue Crush, that chick surfer movie from the summer.

The most indie movie on my list: Frida, which isn’t even out yet on DVD, but it will be someday.

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  1. Murder by Numbers is only OK.

    Blue Crush? You need help…

    Don’t you think you’ll be trying to sleep when CootieGirl is sleeping? Tara, any words here?

  2. *ahem* I have been clearing my throat a lot today!

    I have no comments what so ever on what Jaynee will do while CootieGirl sleeps the day away. I will say she is correct that newborns sleep a LOT. I don’t want to ruin the experience for her because everyone is different and every baby is different.

    Rob and I used to belong to Netflix and we didn’t like it and I don’t remember why.60 movies isn’t a lot because you know that they will always have a new one to send you and I think they only let you have 3 at a time. Anyway, enjoy and if all else fails “Blind Date” and “Shipmates” come on at 1!! There is a whole world of daytime reality TV out there!!!

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