Netflix Problems?

I got an email from Ace a minute ago – he said he’s had a problem with Netflix this week. He sent back all five of his movies on Saturday and they have yet to receive any of them. Usually it takes 24 hours. I have had the same problem – I sent back a DVD on Tuesday and they hadn’t received it yet. I just cruised through their website and found no announcements about problems, but obviously there’s something going on.

Have others out there had the same delay this week with their Netflix accounts?

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  1. I assume you sent them a message or something?

    I’ve had the same movies at home for a couple of weeks now, so I have no clue about the problem. Although, could the snow this week have affected the delivery of mail?

  2. Don’t you know the weather NEVER Stops the mail? Besides, our dvds go to New Brunswick, NJ. I could have driven it myself in under 3 hours. No way it should take 3 days (for me) or 5 days (for Ace).

  3. Yes, I have had the same problem with Netflix since Christmas. At first I just thought it was the holidays, but it still continues. It takes 2 days to return and 2 days for me to get the next ones in my queue. I live in LA and they are retured to Santa Ana, which I could drive to in less than a couple of hours. Glad to know it’s not just me, guess it’s time to drop them a line.

  4. I’ve had quite a few problems. Well, a whole lot of problems. Holidays and Netflix don’t mix well. You can read my journal for more info.


  5. I live in L.A and have had the same problem.
    I mailed 5 dvds on Sat and Netflix has recived them yet none of them.

    I also use blockbuster and i have been waiting for 3 days now. One dvd got to me from blockbuster. Wonder whats going on?

    Both are going into Santa Ana

    If someone hears anything can you drop me a line?>


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