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I’ve been with Netflix since January 2003. That’s a LONG time. My sister Jen posted about a cool tool called the Netflix History Analyzer which analyzes your rental history to see if you are making the most of your membership. Looks like I am. Bear in mind – these numbers are skewed because we had a hiatus period during our membership. We put it on hold from December 2007 – June 2008. So there are six months there where we didn’t rent ANYthing at all.

Your results

  • You’ve rented 509 DVDs over 76 months from January 09, 2003 to April 10, 2009.
  • Your plan costs $13.99/month so you’ve paid $1063.24 total.
  • Your average price per rental was approximately $2.09 each.
  • Average rental costs elsewhere are $3.75 each (not including late fees).
  • You’ve saved approximately $845.51 over that time period or $11.13 per month.
  • Here’s some more about your renting habits…

  • You kept each rental for around 9 days on average.
  • The longest you kept a single DVD was 47 days.
  • You rented about 7 DVDs each month.
  • You’re not taking full advantage of your current plan. You could be renting 13 DVDs each month.
  • First movie ever rented from Netflix: Death to Smoochy
    Last movie rented: Changeling (which arrived in today’s mail)

    I’d love to see my friend Ace’s stats. I bet they are through the roof since he rents more movies than any person I know.

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