Nearly Another Family Addition

On Saturday before we went recliner-hunting, we stopped into Petco for some kitty food and got caught up looking at the adoption animals that were in the store. One was a particularly sweet looking adult kitty named Big Red – he was a gorgeous red color and had the sweetest face. He fit the profile of our other cats (neutered, front declawed, mellow) and I begged Denis to let us take him home. The woman said he had all his medical needs updated because the woman that found him had EVERYTHING done to make sure he was healthy before sending him to the shelter for adoption. The adoption fee was $75.

We told the woman we’d think about it, and went off to buy the recliner. After making that purchase, we opted not to go back for Big Red. It’s just not smart to introduce another cat when 1) I’m pregnant, 2) Cooper is a spaz, 3) Denis and I are both working full-time, 4) we’ve already got four. So we’ve decided to wait until after I have The Kid to see if we feel like adding another cat to the household.

As I told Ace, what’s the difference between having four cats vs. five? Not much!! But we rest assured in the fact that Big Red is sure to be adopted quickly because he’s beautiful, affectionate, and healthy. BUT if I go back in a month and he’s still there – I’m bringing him home.

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  1. Here’s the reality of why I said we shouldn’t get Big Red.

    1. Cooper likes to get in the cats’ faces and poor Big Red is getting over trauma of being beat up by other cats. So I wouldn’t want to expose him to a spazzy dog. I would want Big Red to be socialized with us and the other cats, but that is nearly impossible to do unless Cooper is locked up and he’s locked up all day long so we don’t want to lock him up any longer than we have to.

    At least I know that Big Red should have no problems finding a home.

    I would love to have a dozen more cats, but this is not a good time to get another cat unless we let it keep it’s front claws so it can teach Cooper who’s boss.

    I realize that for over a year Jane hasn’t cleaned the kitty litter or filled the food or water bowls for the cats, and only once or twice picked up cat throw-up. Basically, all she has to do is sit back and enjoy the cats. Of course, she was all over getting another one — or twelve. *lol*

  2. DO NOT GET ANOTHER CAT! Dear Lord, you are becoming the crazy cat people…be content with the pets you have. You have a baby on the way. I would think that’s enough for a while. *laugh*

  3. I stopped her. But the cat was so darn cute. Let’s get the kid first. Then we can get a dozen cats. *lol* Then another kid. *grin*

  4. Your house is not big enough for your small family and the zoo you have. You’ll need a bigger house before any other pets are added. Maybe a place with lots of land and you can have a cat farm, you know, like that commercial with the cat herders? You can corral them and they can live in a kitty barn where they keep rodents and vermin away from the main house. *smirk*

  5. We actually have enough room in our house for a few more cats. And maybe even a small dog — but a well behaved one. *lol*

    Who wouldn’t like lots of land to let their pets roam, but we don’t need that. And as far as I know, there aren’t any rodents in our house — yet. Although I think Jane spotted a mouse in the garage, but we took care of that situation. More cats!!! After baby CootieGirl or baby Owen.

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