NCAA Basketball

I didn’t see the games this weekend, but I’ve been told they were decent. Tonight is the final game between Illinois and UNC. My friend June is the leading UNC person and her co-worker Chris is the leading Illinois person in the pool I run at my office.

My co-workers are very angry that a non-co-worker will win the $400.

I’m just mad *I’M* not winning the $400.

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NCAA Basketball

Okay, so I’m coordinating the basketball pool at my office and this weekend I couldn’t believe some of the games. I mean, Kansas, Wake, UConn, Gonzaga, Boston College and Oklahoma all lost by the second round and they were top-ranked teams in the tourney!! Needless to say everyone’s sheet suffered this weekend, so it’s still anybody’s $400 to win.

As for me, my Duke sheet is languishing at the bottom with no hopes of rising high enough to win – there are at least 7 people with Duke ahead of me. My Kentucky sheet is second to another Kentucky sheet, and we have different picks in the next round – she can’t get any more points in the Albuquerque bracket, whereas I have Louisville going another round. She also has Illinois beating Arizona in the Elite Eight, whereas I have Zona coming out on top and heading into the final game. So those games are key – if I can win those, then I’ll catch up and take the lead. Go Kentucky!

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  1. Thanks to Fluid Pudding, I have another blog to add to my list of daily reads. Yours looks like a good one too. I have to ask, where do you have North Carolina in your basketball pool? This is my favorite time of the year and I’m writing this while wearing my North Carolina sweatshirt…..:) We TarHeel fans are not allowed to like Kentucky and I’m really hoping we don’t have to meet Duke in the national semi final….of course if we beat them there, it would be too sweet. Don’t you just love how I use the word sweet-as if I’m one of the players or coaches…..ha! I’m a wife, mom, piano teacher and I love college basketball! Sorry for the long comment…..

  2. Mel, I have UNC going to the Elite Eight and then losing to UConn, but we know that’s not going to happen since UConn took a big nosedive this weekend. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Kansas was ousted in the first round by Bucknell (who were then ousted in the second round ). It was nice being America’s Cinderella story.

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