N’awlins Part One

My vacation description won’t be as entertaining as Angie’s England dialogue over at Fluid Pudding, but here we go:

We had an uneventful flight to NOLA (thankfully). Ace kindly drove us to the airport and we had plenty of time to chill before boarding our plane. Denis and I have decided that self-service check-in is the greatest invention for airports. We checked in within 5 minutes of arriving at the airport. Much better than waiting in line for 45 minutes and then running for the tarmac because you are now running late.

We had dinner at the airport at a diner they had near our gate. I had the most awesome chocolate milkshake but was concerned that whatever food I ate would not be conducive to a 3 1/2 hour flight, so I picked at my food while Denis dug into his gyro with abandon. He has a trusting soul.

We boarded the plane and found it was half empty so we could really spread out, which was nice. We pulled out our snacks – Twizzlers, potato chips, cookies, water, etc. When the flight attendant walked by he laughed and said, “You guys are like a grocery store over here!” I thought, “Well, if you didn’t give us a tiny packet of pretzels we wouldn’t require this much.” And since I had only picked at the diner food I was grateful to have those snacks.

Our flight arrived about 10:30 p.m. NOLA time, and after a quick cab ride to our hotel, the Dauphine Orleans, we opted to meet up with our friends, the P’s, the following morning for breakfast instead of going out and exploring Bourbon Street. Our room was delightful – beamed ceilings, a nice sized bathroom (last time we went to NOLA our shower was 1 foot x 1 foot – no kidding), and a courtyard view off the street. The minute our heads hit the pillow we were out cold. At least I was.

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