Nancy Drew and the Case of the Exploding Pyrex Dish

I know we have spoken about exploding Pyrex on Cootiehog before – well, now we can say we’ve experienced it for ourselves, and YES Pyrex can explode if you aren’t careful.

Last night Denis was reheating a roast he had made. He put it in our square Pyrex dish in the oven. A few minutes later he realized he needed to add a little bit of water to the pan so that the roast wouldn’t reheat and be dry. He got some tap water (not necessarily cold water, but not necessarily hot water) and began to pour a small amount into the pan when suddenly CRACK! the dish shattered into thousands of pieces.

Fortunately, Denis was not hurt, despite the explosion taking place while his arm was in the oven over the dish. It’s also a miracle he didn’t get any glass particles in his eyes. He diligently took out all the big pieces and I think we still need to scrub it down a few more times to make sure all the little slivers are gone.

But let this be a warning – be careful with that Pyrex dish! As for me, from now on I’m only using metal pans when I cook with the oven.

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  1. I still like pyrex. I was just stupid. I also like the white ceramic dishware for oven heating. Easy to clean up. I guess those are ceramic.

    And yes, very fortunate no glass anywhere in me after that. I did pour it at arms length thinking it might steam up.

  2. I think the best part of the article is the fact that you said ” from now on I’m only using metal pans when I cook with the oven”

    Hahahahahaha… you cook. LOL

  3. MMmmm remember those Roll things you baked that time and they had sorta an orange thing going on. Oh those were yummy!

    I am making the Apricot Squares for my parents 25th Annvs. I can’t eat do anything with Apricots without thinking of you. 😀

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