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So apparently my own town is going to have a flu vaccine lottery. They have 300 doses for a town of 70,000. Methinks that’s another lottery I won’t win (nor do I want to).

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  1. Yeah, I heard that on the news. My ears perked up when I heard B’field mentioned. Cool!

    What about your kids? They get the shots?

  2. Jen, my kids aren’t eligible – the first priority for those shots are the elderly and pregnant women. I’m neither, and my kids are neither as well.

  3. Yes, but the PRIORITIES are old people and pregnant women – with only 300 doses for 70,000 people, there are a lot more old people and pregnant women than my two kids. We’ll be fine without it – CootieGirl didn’t have the shot last year and she was fine.

  4. Yeah, but a lot more people were immunized last year and didn’t get infected. I’m glad your kids aren’t in the larger day care this year – hopefully being with a babysitter will reduce the chances of your kids being exposed.

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