My Tooth

Well fortunately I don’t have to have a tooth pulled. But I may need a root canal in my future. But not right now.

Apparently the temporary filling that was put in two years ago fell out – thus the feeling of having a “hole” in between my teeth. The temporary filling was only supposed to stay in two months, but then I got preggers and then never went back, so the temp never got replaced by the permanent filling I needed.

She used permanent filling today and said that if in the future I start to have a throbbing pain in the same place that I’ll definitely need a root canal at that point. Booooooo….=(

So my tooth has been irritating me all day since I got home – I’m now used to having that hole, and have gotten used to having to use a toothpick in that spot after every meal. So now that the filling is in place it feels like I need to jam a toothpick in there and clean it out. Very annoying, to say the least.

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  1. That’s an answer to prayer ~ keeping the tooth ~ yay! Hopefully the discomfort will go away soon and you’ll get used to the nice, smooth area again.

  2. *lol* Marmie thinks my filling is smooth. Anything but – you forget that this dentist is archaic- the fillings are HORRIBLE and ROUGH and a pain to get used to. She’s by far the worst dentist EVER but I can’t switch because the plan changes if I switch dentists.

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