My TKD Days Come to an End…For Now

Tonight was my last night for TaeKwonDo.  My two-month trial comes to an end just as I completed my testing to get my yellow belt.  I didn’t get to go to class nearly as much as I hoped, but it was enough that I learned something and had a lot of fun.  There may come a day when I sign up to take classes again, but that day is not today. But in any case, I really enjoyed meeting other moms who were giving it a shot (three of us tested tonight) and I continue to enjoy spending time there whether I’m taking a class or not. I could feel my face turn beet red when they announced my name to go up and receive my yellow belt because I think most of the junior leaders (all in high school), bless ’em, cheered for me just a bit louder than the other students. Love those kids. They like me! They really like me! /Sally Field

CootieBoy also tested today, earning his green belt.  He did a great job (as always) and showed great focus.  His hard work is paying off, and he continues to love going there.  The new master has loosened up a lot now that the old master is firmly ensconced in Houston, TX.  The new master is very good and while not nearly as magnetic as Master JK, he’s definitely earning the trust of the students, CB included. I’ve included a video of CB doing his board break:

The other day I was friended by the Master JK on Facebook (which I’m back on for the time being although already planning my next sabbatical).  I was happy to see the friend request and promptly went over to his page only to find….every last bit of it is in Korean.  I couldn’t read a word of it.  And Google Translation is not exactly reliable.  *lol*  But either way, it’ll be fun to see him grow his new school in Texas…even if I can’t read about it.

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