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Here is my story about the Blackout of 2003 — with photos thanks to

I was in our weekly production meeting which started around 4 o’clock when the power went out. We all went out to the hallway to see if it was just us, then we stuck our heads out the window to see if it was just our building. Then we turned on a radio to see if it was just our city. Turned out the little news we got told us that the power outage went from Detroit to Ottawa, so we knew this was a biggie.

We learned from 9-11 so we picked up our stuff and headed for the exit. I walked over to the Port Authority (my usual way home) with my co-workers Rik, of, and Angela, she lives in Bloomfield as well. We got through the thick crowds on the street and made it to the PA. It was closed. Well, not much we could do but hang out and have a beer before they all got warm. Just doing our part.

We went to McHale’s on 46th and 8th, which is where Jaynee and I went on 9-11. I was hoping she would remember that and walk in the door but no such luck. My cell phone wasn’t working and I used the pay phone in the pub and tried to call CG’s daycare center, Jaynee, my mom, and a few other folks to let them know what was up, but I didn’t have any luck.

Then we decided we’d take a ferry home. We’ll so did a few hundred thousand other people and that wasn’t happening. By the grace of God a Water Ferry shuttle bus opened its doors a block away while we were a few feet from it. We tried to get on, but it filled up in front of our eyes. Next bus. We were ready this time and stood by the doors.

We got on that one. One problem. A busload of people but no driver. Well, it stayed that way for about ten minutes. I offered to drive the bus but no one had a spare ignition key.

Eventually, a driver got on and it took us an hour and a half to go a block and a half. Then when we made the turn that brought us closer to the Lincoln Tunnel, the bus errupted with applause like you get when a plane lands in stormy weather. We made it through the pitch black tunnel and arrived in Hoboken, where we were able to contact Angela’s husband, Bob. It took him about an hour and a half to meet us in Hoboken. We met him half way and walked down Washington St. for about ten blocks.

Then it took us another hour to get back to where we at and onto Route 3 so we could first drop Rik off then me at the Park and Ride where my car was. I can’t thank Bob enough for getting me safely to my car.

I looked inside the back seat and the baby’s car seat was not there. Could Jaynee have actually beaten me to the Park and Ride? I hoped so, but I needed to check and drove over to the daycare center. That’s when the trouble began.

No babies there. That was a good sign, but when I drove down the block from the daycare center two vans pulled out wildly in front of my car, I swerved to miss the first one, then had to make a hard left to miss the second one, and a hard right back the other way to avoid driving right into a parked car on the other side of the street. Fortunately, there were no cars immediately in front of me or I wouldn’t be typing this tale to you right now.

I drove home, heart beating a mile a minute, and was happy to see CootieGirl safe in mommy’s arms and smiling at me as if nothing was wrong.

I eventually went to bed shortly after the power came back on around midnight. Then CootieGirl started screaming at 1:50 a.m. Jaynee said can you get her since I was up with her last night. I said sure. I gave her a bottle which usually puts her right out, but not this time.

I tried rocking her to sleep twice, I swaddled her and she thought it was a game. She was laughing and smiling the whole time. I eventually brought her up to the attic and put her in her bouncy seat which usually makes her fall asleep eventually. It did, but not until 3:50 in the morning.

I wasn’t taking any chances and put her in her car seat which she loves sleeping in, strapped her in and left her in her crib, which is where she slept until 8 o’clock this morning. I was going to go back to bed, but no such luck yet. I’ve mowed the backyard, brought up a dozen boxes of fiestaware for Jaynee to inventory, cleaned the three kitty litter boxes, now I’m about to shower and go run three or four errands. This is going to be a long day. Much like yesterday.

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  1. Denis…love the ‘play by play’…and some great pics on RikCat. Good to see you making the best of a less that perfect situation. You were lucky to be with friends…

    p.s. I’ve been to McHale’s!!!

  2. Den, i didn’t make it to Atlanta. We missed our flight but we got a full refund. Oh Well after that adventure yesterday, i don’t mind being at home for the weekend.

  3. Rik, I was wondering if you actually made it out. I had a feeling not. I’m just glad you got a full refund. You’ll have to use that money for a weekend trip some place else. Thanks again for sharing the pics and the company.

    Lori, you should have been in McHale’s yesterday while the lights were out. Too bad the kitchen was closed and you couldn’t order one of their mammoth burgers. Maybe we’ll partake next time you’re in town in December. Just as tasty then.

  4. Wow, you did have an adventure. Hope the beers helped! 😉 And I hope you got a good night’s sleep last night (friday).

  5. Praise God that He was with you during the ride home, D. I knew there was an important reason for Him to wake me up that morning to pray for you three. He is faithful.

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