My Son – A Rockin’ Indiana Jones

Yesterday was a full Father’s Day! We had church in the morning, and then went out to a local BBQ place for lunch. Denis and the kids headed home while I went in search of a $40 headboard that I had seen advertised early last week. Alas, by the time I got there they were sold out (no surprise). So I drove home where I presented Denis with his father’s day gifts. He got a hot air popcorn maker, a book and the 5-disc Hi Def special edition of “Blade Runner” (I think this makes FOUR “special editions” of that movie that we own now).

Then CootieBoy and I sparked up the Wii and began playing Lego Indiana Jones. At some point I hopped on the computer to try and figure out just what we were supposed to do in the game. I mean, I’m so out of the loop on videogames that I really had no clue. Well, I found this AWESOME clip which basically showed me just what the objective is of the first part of the game (after the 60 second Lego intro of the movie you’ll see the game itself):

Once I saw that I had a lightbulb moment, and for the next three hours CootieBoy and I had a blast playing that game. CB’s little hands aren’t good holding both remotes, but he gets the job done and very rarely gets frustrated. Occasionally he would whine, “I can’t do it!” and would hand me his remotes so I could make him jump or swing the direction he needed to go. But for the most part, if I said, “CB, go over there!” he’d do it. I can’t imagine how good the boy will be on videogames when he gets to be 8-9 years old.

Around 6 p.m. Denis reminded me that I had told CootieGirl I’d take her to the pool, so the three of us (she, me and CB) put on our suits and headed over to enjoy the last 90 minutes of the open pool. This time the kids were clamoring to get on their floaties so that they could get in. CG moved yet one more step forward in her comfort level and by the time we left she was jumping in the deep end ALL BY HERSELF. She had no fear about going under the water because she knew the floaties would bring her back up. I also noticed at some point she was actually using her arms to propel forward in the water – not just kicking. I really need to make sure I take her to the pool at least 3x a week to keep up this momentum so that she’ll be swimming by summer’s end.

We came back home and got ourselves cleaned up and into pjs, then after Spagettios another hour of playing Indiana Jones it was time for bed. All in all a fun day, and Denis managed to get in some quiet Daddy time while I took the kids to the pool (albeit not much since we came home earlier than I originally anticipated).

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