1. He forgot to mention that I broke my toe just after they all arrived – I was trying to get Cooper to go in his crate and tripped over the vacuum cleaner that Denis had left in the middle of the living room. They didn’t believe that it was severely hurt until the toe turned blue.

  2. Broken or just bruised? Ouch!

    And the last pic – of CootieGirl sleeping is cute. The one of Peter (?) holding her is sweet. I can’t believe how big the boys are!

  3. Ouch! Poor baby! Which toe is it? Can you move it at all? There is not much you can do but maybe tape that toe and its neighbor together to stabilize it, unless you feel it needs to be “set” first. When I broke one of mine (dropped the staple gun on it) it took a year for it to heal completely.

    Loved the pics. How was the baseball game? Did CootieGirl join you?

  4. It’s not broken. It’s sprained, probably. I told her to put ice on it right away, but she refused. As long as CootieGirl listens to me, I’ll be happy.

    We didn’t go to the game because it was raining and we thought it was going to be canceled. We tickets to other games. No biggie. But CootieGirl will be joining us for the next one. Wish this rain would stop.

  5. It’s the toe next to the big toe, and it’s blue. And it hurts to take the stairs. It is taped to the neighbor toe though – hopefully it’ll heal more quickly than a year!

  6. That’s what I told her. She won’t listen to me. I’ll break her yet! Taming of the Shrew, or something like that.

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