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I just got confirmation that my temporary replacement while I’m on maternity leave will be here April 10 & 11 for two days of training. And she’s then available to be here full-time as of the 17th so that if I go anywhere between April 12 and 17th my company will only go three workdays with no replacement for me.

The Jaynee Replacer (“TJR”) is a woman we interviewed at the same time we interviewed Hot New Admin and Cute New Admin. She had the best skills of all three, but she specifically stated that she did not want long-term full-time work, so we opted to hire HNA and CNA instead. But when I knew I had to get somebody in here for my maternity leave time, TJR instantly came to mind and fortunately she was available.

Today I’ve spent a good portion of my time typing up full instructions and a guide so that when I’m training her there is some semblance of order AND she has a cheat-sheet when she goes full-time once CootieGirl arrives.

Hard to believe that at the MAXIMUM I have 24 until my maternity leave starts – less if I go earlier than expected. YAY!

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  1. 24 what? days?

    Good to know you have a good temp coming in…and you’re great to have a guide for her while you’re out.

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