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One more hour (less than, actually) and I get to go home for the weekend. It’s been very dreary here in NYC today – the skies have been dark and cloudy all day. Winter is definitely upon us – and I don’t even remember Autumn being here.

We got hit with spam today – it’s so frustrating, but I’m thankful for MT-Blacklist which allows me to get rid of it as quickly as they create it.

Denis thinks that WordPress is cool and that we should switch. But having messed around with it a bit today I can solemnly swear that this website will never be under the control of WordPress. Perhaps ExpressionEngine in the new year, but never WordPress.

For some reason, today I really missed my kids and am looking forward to the weekend when I can hug and kiss them all I want without having to rush out the door to schlep into the city.

One more week ’til Wiggles! CootieGirl won’t know what hit her when she goes to her first live show and sees The Wiggles in PERSON from almost the front row!

Tonight I have four movies to choose from and don’t know which one to watch: City of God, 13 Going on 30, Win a Date with Tad Hamilton, and Shrek 2. Three fluff movies and one serious one.

I’m so glad I did laundry yesterday instead of waiting for the weekend. It’s one less thing I have to do.

My goals for the weekend: Vacuum the upstairs, clean up CootieGirl’s bed, have CootieGirl nap in the toddler bed at least ONCE, have CootieGirl sleep at least one night with no pacifier (she doesn’t use one during naps, so she should be able to go the night as well), watch a couple movies, go walking with Sharon, mow the backyard to get up all those leaves (our backyard is COVERED in leaves), make the half-sheet Synergy flyer for my women’s exercise group to be included in next week’s church bulletins, and kiss my children as much as possible. And my husband too, while I’m at it.

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  1. You’re making me look bad. You know I’ll do half of those things on your list. It should be OUR list. And thanks for sticking me at the end of the list.

    Sorry you hate WP. I don’t find it hard to work with — and NO SPAM. Whoo Hoo!!!!

    Speaking of hating blog pages, when are you going to fix the comments page? Duplicate header images. At least in Opera. That doesn’t happen in WP. *lol*

    Can’t wait to kiss you and the kids this weekend.

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