My New Phone

I love my new Nokia cellphone. Now that I’ve got it all hooked up and on the web, it’s AWESOME. I can totally read Fluid Pudding and Cootiehog. I can also get directions from MapQuest, airline flight info, Zagat’s reviews, movie theater listings in Bloomfield, local weather reports, the latest news, Gardner-Webb football scores (that’s my college), and I can instant message on AIM! This thing ROCKS!

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  1. If you leave the Nokia in the kitchen at night, will it make coffee in the morning?

    Better yet, if the thing doubles as a nanny, I’m getting one today!!!

  2. Tara, surprisingly enough, it DOES work as a phone!

    Angie, surprisingly enough, it DOES NOT make coffee or act as a nanny (yet). Maybe next year’s model will??

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