My New Favorite Handyman

Okay, it’s official – our new handyman rocks. Because he’s an HONEST handyman. He called a while ago to give me an update on pricing for the chimney caps and garage door opener. He said, “I can do the chimney caps for about a hundred bucks,” he said. I’m okay with that because it’s worth $100 for me to have SOMEONE ELSE climb on that roof and put on the chimney cap. Then he said, “As for the garage door opener, I have to be honest. I think you should have Lowe’s install it. I’ve been talking to the guys here and they do those just about every day. They can get it up there with no problems. It would probably take me four hours to get it up there for you, and I don’t want to have to charge you for that kind of time when these guys can do it for $100 and be in and out real quick and probably do a better job than me since I only do one or two a YEAR.”

I told him I appreciated his honesty and that him doing the chimney caps was fine with me. So he’ll be coming out tomorrow afternoon to install those. Denis reminded me that I meant to ask him to look at the flashing to figure out why we get water pouring down our chimney during really bad rain storms, so I’ll ask him to check that out when he installs the caps tomorrow.

But, yeah, he’s my new handyman for as long as I live in this town and he’s in business. Because he EASILY could have brought over that garage door opener, taken four hours to install it and then charge me $250-300 for his time. But instead of doing that, he opted to let someone with more experience do it for LESS money. That’s pretty cool in my book.

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