My Neighbor Is Nuts

Last night Denis and I went over to our neighbor’s house for dinner. There was another couple there and after dinner we played “Wise and Otherwise”, a fun game that is similar to “Balderdash” but a little more challenging.

It took a couple rounds for everyone to get the jist of the game, but once we got rolling everyone did really well making up fake proverbs. But this game proved to me that my neighbor is slightly off his rocker (in a good way).

He had to read an Irish proverb, and so he began using an accent (which wasn’t Irish so much as Scottish, which made me laugh). He read the first half of the proverb and NO ONE understood him. Don had to read it another couple of times in order for a few of us to get what he was saying. He had been saying “Cut up your loaf and…” But Pat couldn’t get what Don was saying, and asked him to repeat it.

So Don hollers, “I didn’t say pinch a loaf, I said cut a loaf!!” At that point Lorraine and I began crying with laughter.

Altogether it was a fun evening. We had a girl from church take care of CootieGirl and CootieBoy for those few hours, and she swears that CootieBoy was moderately calm during that time.

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