My Near Miss

I forgot to tell you about my near miss driving to work today. Two near misses, actually.

Traffic was very start-stop this morning in the stretch of Rte 80 that meets up with Rte 287. At one point I came to a stop behind a car, and saw in my rearview mirror as the car behind me came to a stop. And the car behind her. And the car behind her. And then the idiot that came along next decided NOT to stop and pushed three cars into each other. The car directly behind me lurched forward against it’s will, but fortunately she had stopped far enough behind me that she didn’t crash into my car at all. And I blissfully pulled away when traffic moved in front of me, leaving four cars pulling off the road in my rearview mirror.

About a two minutes and half a mile later traffic came to a standstill all of a sudden – and I saw that four cars ahead of me, two cars had collided. It literally JUST happened because as I managed to get into the right lane to go by them, the damaged parties were just getting out of their cars to begin the inspection. It looked as though Right Lane Guy was trying to go into the Left Lane just as Left Lane Guy had to stop for the aforementioned start-stop traffic. But Left Lane Guy didn’t brake in time and managed to push Right Lane Guy into the highway divider on the side of the road.

I prayed a prayer of thanks that I wasn’t involved with either accident despite the close proximity to each one. I admit that it has been a bit nerveracking of late to drive in rush hour. There are a LOT of idiots on the road up here, and I’m always nervous about people coming into my lane while I’m still RIGHT THERE. And no, that’s not directed at you Ace. 😉

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  1. That must be why the Lord woke me up during the night to pray for your drive this morning ~ I kid you not. How good He is.

  2. I am lucky enough to be able to take back roads to work.
    Sometimes I take I35 to work but, that is only about a 2 mile jaunt.

  3. You will get the hang of it soon enough. You will be weaving in and out of those idiots like a Profession Race Car Driver.

    You really do have to be on the look out when driving in NJ.

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