My Mom Would Be So Proud

So today I drank an entire cup of tea. A whole cup! My mom would be so thrilled.

Except it sucked. I put four packets of sugar in it, waited for it to cool down to room temperature and then drank it in 20 seconds through a straw at lunch. Then quickly popped a won ton in my mouth to cover the taste because eeeeewwwwww…

It was one of the free tea samples I got from Adagio Teas as a thank you for linking them here at Cootiehog. It was called Green Pekoe Blues. Supposedly it had hints of orange flavor in it, but I couldn’t taste it.

Tomorrow, to continue the torture, I’ll try the Citron Green tea sample. I’m sure it’ll be even worse than today’s taste test.

I just have to keep repeating, “Green tea is good for me. Even if it tastes like garbage.”

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  1. Are you crazy??? Don’t waste perfectly good tea on yourself. If you don’t like it, bring it home tonight and hand it off to me. I love tea. I promise to give details, in full, on how each one of them tasted.

    Terrible terrible waste of good tea.

    Take me up on the offer. Come on, you know you want too.

  2. Nope, I’m keeping it. Green tea is supposed to help with weightloss, so I’m drinking a cup a workday til this stuff runs out. Since I can probably get 15 servings out of one tin, that’s 45 workdays of delicious tea, or nine weeks of torture, however you look at it.

  3. Jaynee, Jaynee, Jaynee. Why would you put up with inferior green tea? I’ll send you samples of my delicious flavors ~ Cherry Blossom Festival, Long Island Strawberry, Blue Mango, and Niagara Peach. If you turn your nose up at these I’ll be surrprised. Green Tea is VERY good for you.

  4. *lol*

    If you want to send samples I would appreciate it. But I’ll still gag it down. =( Send samples of the mango and strawberry blends and I’ll give those a whirl.

  5. Green tea does have an odd flavor if you’re not used to it. It took a while for me to get used to how different it is from black tea.

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