My Missions for the Week

I’ve been horribly lax here at home with regard to projects I wanted to accomplish while on maternity leave. Granted, I’ve got an INFANT and a TODDLER to care for, but there are lots of things I could get done during their nap times that just aren’t getting done.

While I’m very proud of the fact that my house has not turned into a dump since my mother left last week (I’ve actually been really responsible about loading the dishwasher and watering the beautiful Hibiscus plant that Mare-Bear gave me), there are other things on my list that I hope to do over the next few days.

So each day for the next several days I will attempt to do at least one of the things on my list.

First up for tomorrow: hang pictures in the master bedroom. For over a year I’ve had pictures leaning against the walls in our room and have done nothing about hanging them. Tomorrow I will hang them. That’s my mission to accomplish.

Saturday’s mission before Denis leaves to meet his friend Tom for the day will be to attempt to get the double bed out from CootieGirl/CootieBoy’s room and into the attic and move the daybed into their room. This will make CootieGirl/CootieBoy’s room seem MUCH BIGGER because they’ll have a lot more floor space to play on.

Sunday’s mission: Find the cream paint in the basement or garage and paint the two walls in CootieGirl/CootieBoy’s room that need to be painted. CootieGirl will have to sleep with us that night so that she doesn’t breathe paint fumes all night, but that’s okay – we’ve done family bed many times before and we’re used to it.

Monday’s mission: Clean off junk from Cooper’s crate and put folded-up crate in the basement.

Tuesday’s mission: Vacuum/Dust/Swiffer the entire house.

Wednesday’s mission: Buy shelving storage for Denis’ real estate stuff in the attic. Right now he’s just got piles of paperwork and it’s a wonder he can find anything. My mission on Wednesday will be to go to Target and find some good shelving or storage that allows him to organize all his stuff in such a way that he knows where everything is that he needs.

Thursday’s mission: Gardening. Mom started the project, and I’m going to continue it if the weather is decent that day. I have sections of my backyard that still have lots of weeds and my mission for Thursday is to get rid of as many weeds as possible. Fortunately they are easy to find because they are all about three feet tall at this point.

That, my friends, is a week’s worth of missions to accomplish. I’ll let you know how I do.

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  1. Ever the planner, you have lots ahead of you. Some thoughts:

    I wouldn’t exchange the beds ~ the double isn’t really too much in the way in the nursery and you won’t save that much space. YOU MUST NOT DO ANY LIFTING!

    Careful in the garden as well. It took a lot of strength for me to pull those tall weeds ~ you are not totally healed inside. It is too soon to be doing anything like that. That’s why you are on MATERNITY LEAVE. Even without a C-section you should not be doing any heavy lifting or exerting yourself in that way.

    Other than those two things, go for it.

  2. isn’t it past your bedtime, young lady?

    re: gardening – I would not spend a lot of time doing the gardening – i.e., I wouldn’t do ALL of it. I’d really only do the circle in the middle of the yard because the weeds tend to come out of that dirt a bit easier because it’s less dense than the rest of the yard (don’t know why that’s true, but it is).

    As for the bed, Denis would do the bulk of the work – I’m not even sure the double bed will go in the attic – I still have to measure the attic opening to see if the boxspring will fit.

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