My Last Weekday of Freedom

It’s official: On Monday I go back to work, and today is my last weekday of freedom. To celebrate (or commiserate, depending on my mood), Ace is coming over to hang out and watch Buffy all day. YAY for having a Buffy day!

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  1. Oh, she’s doing that, Tara. And spending the day with Ace as well. A big baby and a little one. How are you, Rob and Gracie? Bet she’s getting big — and running all over the place, right? Good exercise. *lol* Hope we can get together soon. Definitely see you at the White Elephant. Only five more months. Whoo Hoo!!!!

  2. Why did everyone presume that CootieGirl would not be with us? what am I gonna do – toss her in a closet so Ace and I can watch Buffy? Nosireebob! CootieGirl loves Buffy as much as we do!

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