My Kindergartener

CootieGirl met her kindergarten teacher today. The school is very nice but BIG. I don’t remember my elementary school being that big (but then, that was a long time ago, wasn’t it?). I suppose what made it weird to me was that the school was all inside. The earliest school I remember was all OUTSIDE – meaning we’d walk out our classroom door directly onto the playground. We’d go directly outside to walk over to the library, the cafeteria, the principal’s office. Not that I ever went there. No seriously. My bullying was well-disguised and no one ever turned me in.


Her teacher seems very nice and definitely wants to challenge her class. In addition to reading and writing she hopes to teach them the fundamentals of math INCLUDING algebra. Yep, you read that right. ALGEBRA. When the teacher said this I stifled a laugh, because I failed algebra. And geometry. And chemistry. Twice. So there’s no way CG will be able to seek ME out for help on those subjects. And no, the teacher isn’t going to teach them actual algebra, so much as lay down the fundamentals on how algebra works so that their minds are already open to how it works by the time they start dealing with it.

The teacher’s assistant was very nice and took the kids around the school to show them the ropes. CG seemed very excited and not nervous at all – she was very proud that she got to be the line leader on the way to the cafeteria during her tour.

Another laugh was stifled when the teacher went over the dress code, some of which we follow already (shorts under dresses) and some of which we don’t (no spaghetti straps (of course, the dress she wore today was TOTALLY a spaghetti strap dress)).

After we were done with the meeting CG showed us the cafeteria, gym and music room. I spent a couple minutes talking with the music teacher who was very excited about having her own room and ONLY doing singing as opposed to singing AND instruments. They have another teacher for just the instruments this year.

So Wednesday is the day. We’ll go together on the first day and drop her off, and then I believe Denis will be taking her to school while I continue to take CootieBoy to daycare. I’m a bit worried about the whole kindergarten-aftercare dropoff once school ends, so we’ll see how that goes. By Monday I’m sure she’ll be fine. But that first day? I predict chaos as she tries to find where she needs to go to catch the right bus to go to daycare.

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  1. I was really impressed with the teacher. And Emma seemed to like the girls that were in her time slot. Oh, and one of the first things she told the assistant was “I have a friend that’s in this class.”

    We really should come up with some Mrs. names for the teachers so I can quit saying the teacher and the assistant.

    Amys last blog post..Emma Meet the Teacher

  2. Uh, riding a bus to daycare? I have heard horror stories of little ones being traumatized by older thugs on buses. Please tell me it will be a bus for 5 and 6 year olds…

  3. Marmie, it’s the DAYCARE’S bus – not the school’s bus. This bus will have 5-8 children MAX on it from CG’s elementary school, and they will all be friends of hers from her current daycare class. She is NOT riding the regular schoolbus provided by the elementary school.

    And schools down here segregate the bus by age, with the youngest ones up front near the driver. So even if she WERE taking the bus I wouldn’t be that worried about it.

    When CB gets to be in the 1st grade I’ll let them both ride the regular bus. ‘Til then, they get a personal chauffer they like to call “Daddy,” or “Mommy” on days Daddy is out of town.

  4. I get the whole “shorts under dress”, dress code… cause little girls are yet to be ladies. However, I am at a loss for the reason behind “no spaghetti straps”. I can’t figure out why they would ban that.

  5. Ace, maybe it’s because they can break and if the girls don’t have a shirt under then they’ll have issues? Who knows – but a good portion of CootieGirl’s dresses are spaghetti straps, so she’ll be stuck only being able to wear them to church on Sundays.

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