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I got in a discussion at church yesterday about some of the American Idol finalists. The opinions were varied, but in the end it made me realize that as much as I love Jason Castro, I think David Cook is my pick as the one I want to win.

I’ll let the iTunes downloads I’ve done to date speak for themselves:

1. David Archuleta – “Imagine” – I wish he had sung the whole song – it was BEAUTIFUL and I just knew I had to download it. He has been downhill since this performance.

2. Chikezie Eze – “She’s a Woman” – this was his brilliant Beatles mashup. LOVE IT and his recorded iTunes version is just as good.

3. Jason Castro – “Daydream” and “Hallelujah” – these are his best two performances and if he doesn’t find another “Hallelujah” he may go home in the next couple of weeks.

4. David Cook – “Hello”, “Eleanor Rigby” and “Billie Jean” – the fact that I’ve downloaded three of his tracks makes him the obvious choice to me. I like his voice, I think he’s a talented musician, and even if he loses I’m sure he’ll make an album, which I’ll buy. And I hope he eventually records the full-length “Eleanor Rigby” like he did for the “Billie Jean” iTunes download.

I haven’t downloaded ANY of the girls’ tracks, although I almost bought Brooke White’s “Let It Be” when that was released. But upon consideration, I decided I didn’t like it THAT MUCH that I wanted to spend the 99 cents to buy it.

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  1. As much as Archuletta gets the teen-girl vote, I think it’s David Cook’s contest to lose. So far he’s the most consistent and I like him more every week.

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