My Husband, The Baker

The bankers in my office are now considering becoming investors in Cootiehog Bakery. They loved Denis’ apple pie. One guy even said it was the best he ever had, and another two begged for the recipe. They have asked that Denis be put on notice that they expect one pie a month MINIMUM from him. So it was a hit.

They already like our pumpkin pies – every year Denis and I have a contest in the fall. We each make a pie and I bring them both into my office for judging. My co-workers dig in and pick their favorite. I think he’s won a couple times and I’ve won a couple times.

But you know what I hate about bringing desserts like cakes and pies into the office? I hate the one guy (we all have them) that feels as though the company kitchen is his own kitchen and thinks nothing about taking out a fork, taking a bite off a piece of pie in the pie plate and then laying the fork down in the pie plate. I hate that. Today I thought I knew who the culprit was, but alas just a few minutes after I mentally abused him for taking a bite out of a slice he walked into the kitchen and asked what was in the tupperware container. He seemed genuinely curious, so I doubt he’s the one that took the bite.

There’s only one slice left – it went quickly. Denis is famous around here for making GOOD cakes and pies, so the bankers know it’s good to come to the kitchen immediately upon hearing the words, “Jaynee brought in a pie.” Mmmmm….pie.

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