My Grand Totals for Grocery Gaming

I have been to Harris Teeter three times in three days. I’m so over Harris Teeter. *lol* However, I did well during triple coupons – not as well as some moms I’ve read, but with my general average.

Total number of items bought: 44
Total original cost before savings: $167.85
Total saved: $89.90
Total paid after savings and coupons: $77.95
Total percentage saved: 54%

I got a few free items, which is nice, as well as a lot of things that were only 20 cents. Friday was the bad day – in that if I had waited until this morning I would have caught things on sale that WEREN’T on sale on Friday. I still saved money, but not as much as I could have. Unfortunately, on Friday I didn’t think the GroceryGame website would have the updated list for today – but it did. If I had seen it, I would have waited.

In any event, I’m still satisfied that I continued to save my general average of around 55% on groceries.

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  1. I”m just curious…would you be willing to post (or just email me) what you bought, including brand names? I’ve done the Grocery Game more than a couple of times over the past few years, and was very rarely ever able to save any more money than I would have had I changed a few of my brand choices (i.e., bought store brand tomato sauce instead of Hunts).

  2. Sure, I’ll see if I can find my list from yesterday and send it to you (I may have already tossed it). When I use the list, I basically ONLY buy something if I can get more than 50% off the original price. So most of the items I get are 51-100% discounted.

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  3. I didn’t have too much luck with the GG. Mainly because I didn’t have TIME to plan the awesome money saving trips. I don’t even have time to look at the Sunday paper, let alone clip coupons! I’ve been buying in bulk at Costco, and getting just what we need at Trader Joe’s. OR, I take advantage of the buy one/get one free deals at Harris Teeter. But, YOU ROCK the GG!

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