My First Movie of the Night

Okay, so I decided to start off with “Taxi”. Now, when I saw this movie in the movie theater I laughed hard. I wasn’t expecting much from this movie but I totally laughed throughout the whole thing. Specifically the scene where they get hopped up on the gas in the mechanic shop had me in tears. You can’t help but love Jimmy Fallon (or, *I* can’t help but love Jimmy Fallon).

I can’t remember if I posted this before when talking about Fallon, but I saw him in NYC one night during his first year on SNL. My aunt was in town and we went out to dinner. As we left the restaurant we saw Danny Aiello get out of a cab and go into the restaurant we just left. We were riding high on the celeb sighting, walking down the street toward my aunt’s hotel, when a skinny guy passed us in the same direction. I looked over at him and he looked back and smiled sheepishly, kind of raising his hand in greeting. I nodded and smiled, and it wasn’t until he was about a block ahead of us that I turned to my aunt and said, “I think that was the new guy on Saturday Night Live!”

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