My First 5K In Six Years

Back before I gave birth to CootieBoy, I ran a few 5K races in New York City. I had only done a couple when I found out I was preggers with CB, and gave it up entirely in lieu of stuffing my face with candy, potato chips and red meat.

Ten weeks ago I decided to give running another try. I downloaded the Couch to 5K podcasts and have spent the past couple of months getting ready for a 5K. I admit that my training was sporadic – I hurt my knee in Week 3 and lost the rhythm of going three days a week. As such, I’m only up to Week 5 of the podcasts, despite ten weeks going by since I decided to do it.

Yesterday morning was my first 5K run, and despite my not finishing the C25K podcasts, I’m pleased with my results. I didn’t come in last among the runners (that’s a MAJOR relief), and I ran my fastest mile yet (16:12 pace). My performance has inspired me enough that I’m going to continue to stick with it, and sign up to do another 5K in December (I thought there was one in November, but I couldn’t find it online).

I am incredibly sore from the run. In fact, right after I crossed the finish line my hips seized up in protest – I limped around for a good five minutes before they’d let me walk normally again. Sleeping last night was heavenly, but getting up this morning was miserable. These joints don’t recover as quickly as they used to.

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