My Feets..My Feets!

So this past weekend for Synergy we got together at Brookdale Park to go walking. There were six of us out enjoying the sunshine and getting some exercise. I managed to go 2 3/4 miles (one more lap and I would have hit three miles, but all the other ladies were ready to go so I stopped).

I did about half of it jogging and half of it walking. The rest of the ladies just walked, so it was fun to challenge myself to “catch up” to them on some of the laps around the track.

What was cool was that the soccer field inside the track was being used for the local girls’ soccer league, and apparently there was a Jane on the field, so whenever I heard, “Go Jane! You can do it!” being hollered out by a parent, I acted as though they were cheering for me and ran a few more steps for good measure.

By Saturday night my feet were killing me though. It’s one thing to do mild aerobics every weekend, it’s another to go almost three miles and include jogging…

In other news, I’m going to give South Beach Diet a try starting this coming Sunday. It’ll be a challenge (I’m a confessed carb addict), but I’ve really stalled out on my plan to lose 5 pounds a month (I lost 10 then gained back 3 and have been at that mark for the past month). So Phase I of SBD begins on Sunday morning.

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