My Dream House

So tonight after I win the MegaMillions $83 Million Jackpot, I’m planning on buying a dream house. What is the dream house Denis and I want? A Victorian – we know that for sure. Lots of space for rugrats and animals to run around and not trample each other, a nice big kitchen area that can be made into the gourmet domain for Denis, a large master bedroom and maybe a swimming pool. That’s not asking for much right? Well, I think I’ve found the dream house. And it’s not too expensive, right?

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  1. Hey Jaynee, I discover your site from a link from Meegan’s, which is a link from Poesy (heather). I like your writing style, you do write good blogs. And the picture of the hog on the faq page is just too funny.

  2. Thanks for the compliment, Angeline! Sometimes I feel bad that my blog doesn’t really offer any “insights” on life and it’s foibles, but I try to keep it mildly entertaining for those who happen upon us.

    And you can thank Denis for the Cootiehog picture on the faq page. =)

  3. nah, that’s nothing if you have millions. The house I want is actually cheaper than that…. hmmmm, think I should go find a more expensive house???

  4. And you’ll help your poor civil servant sister too, right? Our government does not pay that well when you start with them. *sigh*

  5. Holy cow! I just looked at your little house. It’s beautiful…and I didn’t know you were looking to live in this area again. Hmmm…how do you feel about renting out a couple rooms? *grin*

  6. your house looks just like my house, hehe. (minus a couple of thousand square footage). such a deal that piece of real estate is 🙂

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