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Today is my only “day off” this week – the guy I worked for last week asked me to work Tuesday – Friday this week. Less hours per day, but four days instead of three. I’ll take it!

So today is task day and I’m leaving in a minute to go run some errands. This morning once we got the kids off to school I went for a run. I’m continuing to do the Couch to 5K program, although it has been slow going over the past 10 days or so. However, this morning I did the first day of Week 3 and it went really well. I actually felt good during the running portions and felt lousy during the walking intervals! Who’d have thunk it? Anyway, I predict I’ll breeze through Week 3, given today’s result, and will be starting Week 4 on schedule.

So the rest of my day involves the mundane (laundry, vacuuming) and exciting (triple coupons!!, buying a new A/V receiver). Our Sony A/V receiver died last week after 10+ years of faithful service. I have $140 in American Express gift checks that I’ll be using to buy a new one at Best Buy today. There’s a nice one on sale for $299, so I’ll get it for about 60% of the price once those checks are applied to the price.

I’m excited about triple coupons – I should do really well if the store is well-stocked. But according to my list I’ll be saving at least 65-70% if I don’t get any impulse items. My goal is to spend less than $50 for $125 in groceries. I’ll let you know how I do.


Update after shopping: Got the receiver. After applying all the AmEx checks we only paid $184. Nice! As for groceries, I only bought $78 worth of groceries. But I PAID only $24 and some change. A savings of 69%!!

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