My Costume This Year

Yesterday L-Train and I were discussing our firm’s Halloween costume contest. I told her I planned on dressing up as a secretary at a business casual law firm circa 2008. She felt I wasn’t being creative enough. After a bit of discussion regarding various Halloween Costumes it was decided that instead of being a secretary circa 2008, I would become a secretary circa 1951. Upon arriving home last night, I was able to confirm that both of my basic black skirts fit again, so I’ve got the skirt. I’ll wear a basic white blouse and L-Train will provide me with one of those frilly neckbow things that were popular back then. I’ll wear my sexy patent leather heels and L-Train will supply me with those old-fashioned cat-eye glasses, which I’ll put on a chain that allows the glasses to hang around my neck.

I’ve told L-Train that if we can pull together this costume I not only will LOOK the part of a 1951 secretary, but I’ll ACT the part – I’ll call my boss by his formal name. I’ll avoid using modern phrases like “dude” which are a part of my everyday speech.

I wondered what to do with my hair, and found two wigs that may fit the bill. I found this wig which is reminscent of Lucy Ball and then I found another wig that is the classic 1950s flip. I’ll probably go with the first one since it’s only $15.

So I’m pretty excited about it, especially if I really CAN pull it all together.

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  1. What a great idea *lol*
    Don’t forget the pantyhose with the line running down the back of the leg (or you could draw one in). You should also draw a fake beauty spot on your cheek as well as purchasing stick on eye-lashes (weren’t eye-lashes big back then? I’m seeing Lucille Ball and her super-duper long eyelashes).

    Don’t forget to post pictures or else send them to my yahoo account as I can’t see pictures on your website at my office – All your pictures are blocked would you believe?!!!!

  2. You also need a crisp, tuck-in white blouse, clip on earrings (I have a pair if you need) bright red lipstick, red nail polish to match, and a small scarf tied around your neck with the knot on the side.
    Ooo la la.

  3. cristan – alas, I’m not going to be a wise-cracking secretary, but the very model of secretarial perfection. Calling my boss “Mr. BIL” as opposed to calling him by his first name, for instance. Having my steno pad at the ready for any dictation he may wish to do. Getting him coffee. The whole shebang.

    Jaynees last blog post..The Winter Shindig

  4. Heh. I just got an image of the Carol Burnett secretary character. Mrs. Wiggins, I think. Hilarious to Tim Conway’s boss character.

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