My Clock Says It’s Noon, But That Can’t Be Right, Can It?

Really? It’s only 12 p.m. on Christmas Day?

I feel like I’ve been up FOREVER.

CootieBoy came down with a fever last night. I never took his temp, but considering his clothes were soaked through and he was very lethargic and fussy, I knew it was pretty high. So I put him to bed with a dose of Tylenol. He woke up a couple times during the night and ended up in our bed at some point.

CootieGirl came in at 7:15 a.m. and woke us up. She didn’t wake us up with cries of “It’s Christmas!” She managed to wait about five minutes and THEN said, “I bet Santa came! I bet there are PRESENTS!” which rejuvenated CB, who got up and demanded we go downstairs. Thankfully, his fever has already broken and he’s back to normal.

We let the kids do the rip ‘n’ tear through their gifts, helping to remove packaging or put in batteries where necessary. Then while they were off playing Denis and I opened our gifts. The kids got a LOT of books (which is great since CB is so enthused about reading), a LOT of clothes (which is always awesome), and a couple big toys. CG got the Barbie with a pony that she wanted, as well as the My Little Pony set. She also got this great tent that has been on the Amazon wishlist forever – both kids were VERY excited by that. CB got a large remote control car, and some more tracks for his GeoTrax train (which he promptly set up in the foyer). CB had tears at first because he realize he didn’t get his fish, but I explained that we’ll be getting them tomorrow and he was okay with that. They each got ornaments for their Christmas tree as well as stockings full of little toys and saltwater taffy.

Last night I spent about an hour putting together Denis’ big gift – a large smoker grill. It’s quite large and was surprisingly easy to put together, albeit time-consuming. Among other things he also got a cupcake carrier, one of those professional pizza thingies that lets you put pizza in the oven (you know – the giant spatula things that restaurants use), some wood chips for his new smoker, and some Beatles pint glasses. I’m sure I’m forgetting some other things that he got.

Cooper the Dog got a couple bones, some peanut butter flavored treats, and a chew toy. He was so excited by the bones that he carried it around the house a couple times and then came right up to me and basically got in my face to show it to me. He then walked over to Denis to show him, his tail wagging furiously the entire time. VERY cute dog moment. The cats didn’t get anything – but then, they don’t seem to care. They’ve been in hiding all morning.

All in all, I made out this year considering I really didn’t have much of a Christmas list! I got David Cook’s CD, a Scabble-like game called Bananagrams, 2 place settings of Fiestaware (Ivory and Chocolate), several great books (including an amazing set of books printed in 1908 containing the works of George Eliot, courtesy of my Uncle Bill), two Wii games, and LOTS of chocolate goodies. It’s a good thing the new diet starts tomorrow so I can indulge today. Because tomorrow I’ll be using my brand new heart monitor when I start exercising again!!! This thing is so cool – it shows my heart rate at all times (I’m averaging 75-80 bpm this morning since I put it on).

And that’s only some of the generosity of today’s gifts. Really – it’s amazing how much is under our tree this year given the fact that the economy is generally pretty bad right now.

We then had breakfast of french toast, eggs, bacon, sausage and toast. Yum. Then the kids immediately went back to playing. I think I’ll break out one of the new Wii games and give it a whirl for a bit. Denis is clearing out CB’s room of a bunch of toys that he doesn’t play with anymore that we can donate to church or goodwill.

We’re thinking of going to the movies later this afternoon – maybe “The Tale of Despereaux.”

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